Teaching Philosophy


Geared to international careers in both the public and private sectors, GGSG’s offerings place special emphasis on both leadership development and communication skills in ‘normal’ circumstances as well as in time of crisis.

While the Graduate School holds students to rigorous individual standards of intellectual attainment, it insists on collective action and teamwork. Crowning its diploma syllabus, a joint Integrated Policy Exercise tests the students’ ability to size up situations promptly and correctly – as well as to decide, plan, communicate and act collegially.

It ensures that practice and practical considerations occupy centre stage in the kind of graduate education it offers. Optional internships, selected on the basis of their career interests, are arranged for students with no previous professional experience (or those who wish to switch career fields), in Geneva or elsewhere. Course contents are oriented to action rather than theory (though the latter is by no means ignored).

Personal methodology and creative thinking are granted pride of place in small classes and individual coaching.

Both students and faculty have diversified profiles and national origins : the international dimension is central to the degree programmes offered.

Interactive pedagogy (and the teacher-to-taught ratios this implies), tutoring and student guidance, careful evaluation of applicants’ prior qualifications, continuous assessment of individual performance, as well as the expectation of personal research on the part of students maximize motivation to learn and chances of academic success. Students are expected to put in at least two hours of personal study for each class hour.

A strict honour code, applying to both students and faculty, is enforced.

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