Geneva Foundation For Governance And Public PolicyGeneva Foundation For Governance And Public Policy
About the Foundation

- The Geneva Foundation for Governance & Public Policy, formally launched under Swiss law on 12 November 2010, is an independent, non-profit organization established to support post- graduate higher education, research, consultancy, public forum and publishing activities with a broad focus on governance, security, development, leadership and international cooperation – in thematic fields of major policy relevance.

- Its founders are Messrs. Ibrahim Souss and Alain Marti, later joined by Philippe Petit, Alexandre Vautravers, Omar Rifaï and Sunil Dubey (see biographies under the Leadership tab). The Foundation’s governing body is a 19-member Board of Trustees).

- To implement its stated goals, the Foundation has given birth to two (bilingual – English, French) parent organizations, and may launch other such components as it deems fit over the next few years. Though their substantive interests and the relative weight of their various (higher education, research, consultancy, forum, publishing) roles may differ, such allied entities share the same goals and philosophy of bona fide intellectual dialogue, civic and international engagement, and liberal-democratic values.

- The Foundation’s first branch organization is the Centre de Recherche pour la Sécurité et le Développement (CSD), devoted to research and conference series on middle-eastern security and development issues.

- The second is the Geneva Graduate School of Governance (GGSG), a higher education institution offering international students a choice of both resident and on-line post-graduate degree programmes : 2-year masters, one-year certificates, short training and internship periods – in (1) Risk & Disaster Management ; (2) Management of Energy & Natural Resources ; (3) Labour Management & Migration ; (4) International Governance, Trade and Development ; (5) Conflict Management and Post-Conflict Development, as well as Ph.Ds in substantive fields related to governance, international relations, security and development.

- Though they will function as separate legal entities, each with its own executive and academic council, CSD and GGSG operate in close harmony, notably as regards research themes and doctoral programmes.

- Both GGSG and CSD also function as consultancy centres on change management, educational engineering, institutional development, sectoral reform and governance.

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